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Begin the Year with Light: Evermore Candles

Begin the Year with Light: Evermore Candles

In 2023, Home & Table was born out of a desire to bring elegant design, unique pieces, and inspirational stories to the Wilmington and greater North Carolina community. We spent the year building our inventory slowly, seeking out products from designers and brands around the world that align with the high standards we set for our own brand. In 2024, we're excited to share the pieces we've discovered and the vision we've created out of them with all of you.

In our "Brand of the Month" series, we'll take you on a journey to take you closer to the unique stories and exceptional craftsmanship behind the brands we've come to treasure. For the month of January, we've decided to highlight Evermore London candles. Though January is home to some of the darkest and coldest days of the year, this brand is sure to begin your new year in brilliant light and warmth. 

The Story of Evermore

In 2014, Evermore Candles was born in Sarah Bell’s small English kitchen out of the simple desire for a new hobby, one that she could work at with her own two hands. She took up candle making, using beginner’s kits to learn the craft. However, she quickly realized the kits, and the candles she’d been burning in her home for years, were full of unhealthy materials. As she set out to find an eco-friendly, more healthy alternative, her hobby soon became a mission to change an industry.

Established for nearly 10 years now, the candle company has grown exponentially and can be found around the world, but Evermore’s mission, practices, and ingredients have all stayed the same. 

What Makes An Evermore Candle? 

The Evermore guarantee is this: “Proudly poured in England, our products are crafted responsibly with locally-sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging."

Each candle is made from vegan soy wax and a mix of essential oils and man-made perfumes. That's it. While experimenting with the fragrances of Evermore candles, Bell discovered that when a candle reads "made with essential oils," it doesn't always mean that it's sustainable.

She found that typically, one needed about 60 rose petals to create one drop of rose scented essential oils. 

For her candles, she decided to use a blend of essential oils and man-made perfumes, creating a fragrance for each candle that's both healthier for humans and more sustainable.

Not only is the candle itself sustainable, the packaging is also designed to be eco-friendly. Evermore packaging is 100% plastic-free, the box, packing, and tissue are all recyclable and the stickers are made with biodegradable materials. Each candle is made with part-recycled glass, and the brand takes care to offer tips for increasing the longevity of your candle, so that you can use it again or recycle it as you reach the end of it's 60 hour burn time. All the production is done in-house, too, which means there’s no question about the conditions of their packaging facility. 

 Why Home & Table Loves Evermore

So, why do we feature Evermore Candles at Home & Table? It's more than their commitment to sustainability and humble start. Evermore's scents are crafted to evoke emotions and call up memories, which is exactly what we hope all of our pieces will do in your home. These candles turn long January nights into cozy winter evenings and bring the sunshine of the spring within the walls of your home. Best of all, they bring no plastic or harmful toxins with them. 


We hope you'll join us the first week of every month for this series. Hint: our next brand has won awards in Germany for their eclectic and unique pieces!


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