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Deck the Halls: 5 Tips for Festive Tablescaping

Deck the Halls: 5 Tips for Festive Tablescaping

It's almost Christmas, and we've got everything done but the table. This year has been busy for Home & Table, and if you're like us and haven't gotten to the table (or present-wrapping, or putting up your outside decorations, like us), there's no judgement here. We know that decorating for Christmas can be some people's super power. For others, it's one more thing to check off of the list before the in-laws come to town. In this blog, allow us to offer some simple recommendations for whichever way you lean this season.

Whether you're hosting a family feast or a cozy dinner for two, decorating your table for Christmas adds a touch of magic to the festivities. Here are five tips to help you create a dazzling and memorable Christmas table setting.

1. Choose a Theme or Color Palette: Start by selecting a theme and color palette to guide your holiday table decor. Whether it's a classic winter wonderland with whites and silvers, a traditional red and green Christmas, or a modern twist with metallics, having a cohesive theme sets the foundation for a well-organized and visually appealing table.

2. Layer in Textures and Fabrics: Create visual interest by incorporating layered textures and fabrics into your table setting. Use a tablecloth or runner as a base and add complementary placemats or chargers for depth. To go a step further, consider mixing materials like linen, burlap, or velvet. Layering adds dimension and sophistication to your holiday table.

You can also add texture with your place settings. Now is the perfect time to use the china you've been saving for when the queen visits - she won't - and your family and friends will appreciate the elegant dishes you lay out with care. Try setting a dinner plate, then a salad plate on top, then a festive or simple napkin atop them. 

3. Add a Festive Centerpiece: Make a statement with a festive centerpiece that captures the essence of the season. Whether it's a traditional floral arrangement, a cluster of candles, or a thematic display like a mini winter village or ornaments in a decorative bowl, a well-crafted centerpiece becomes the focal point and ties the entire table together.

4. Personalize Your Place Settings: Infuse a sense of intimacy by creating personalized place settings. Add name cards or small gifts at each setting, and consider incorporating elements like napkin rings or festive ribbons. Personal touches not only make your guests feel special but also contribute to the overall charm of the table.

5. Add Candles and Lighting for Ambiance

 Enhance the festive atmosphere by incorporating candlelight into your table decor. Place candles of varying heights and sizes in elegant holders or opt for LED candles for a safer alternative. The warm, flickering glow not only adds a touch of romance but also creates a cozy and inviting ambiance for your holiday gathering.


Remember, there's no right or wrong way to decorate your Christmas table —whether it's a meticulously planned masterpiece or a spontaneous creation, the joy is in the celebration. Happy holidays from Home & Table!