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An Autumnal Table

An Autumnal Table

Just like decorating your home for the fall season, decorating your kitchen or dining table doesn't have to be a hassle. Instead of spending hours meticulously crafting table settings or more money buying all new decor, focus instead on these simple tips to create an affordable, simple and breathtaking fall table. 

Keep it Simple: 

While a busy table can be lovely, keep in mind that fall is often a season for gathering, and while we want to decorate our tables, we need to leave room for the people gathering around them, too. If you have a fall-themed tablecloth, pair it with white or neutral colored dinnerware, and if you have fun, fall dinnerware, opt for a neutral tablecloth. 


Candles for Ambiance: 

Candles are a fantastic way to infuse your fall table with a cozy ambiance. Opt for unscented or subtly scented candles in warm colors like deep red, burnt orange, or brown. Place them in candleholders, lanterns, or simple glass containers to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.






Layered Place Settings:

Create a sense of depth and texture by layering your place settings. Start with a charger or placemat, followed by your dinner and salad plates. Opt for neutral dinnerware and layer in autumn tones with the napkins and chargers. Top them off with a neatly folded napkin or a stylish napkin ring for an elegant touch.




 A Simple Centerpiece: 

Add a simple centerpiece to your table to elevate the look. Try a small but captivating centerpiece of exquisite fresh blooms or lifelike faux florals. Opt for roses, peonies, or orchids in deep jewel tones to imbue your setting with sophistication.






Setting a simple and stunning fall table doesn't have to be complicated or costly. With a few creative touches, you can create a charming dining experience that captures the spirit of autumn and will last you all the way until Christmas. At Home & Table, we encourage you to embrace the season's natural beauty and focus on the joy of sharing a meal with loved ones. So, keep it simple, incorporate a few thoughtful details, and let your fall table shine with warmth and elegance.

Enjoy this season's gatherings and the wonderful memories they bring. Happy autumn!