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Monkey Reworked Anniversary Small Mixed Wood

H: 7.3" 

The new Anniversary Monkey is both a celebration and a standpoint. A celebration of how 70 years ago, Kay Bojesen carved the first smiling lines of the iconic Monkey. And a standpoint because this Anniversary Monkey is born out of a principle of responsible craftsmanship and design. Your new family member has been created from quality residual wood. In this way, it gives new life to wood. The result is a Monkey that unites both heritage and types of wood – a true collector’s item. And that is why each Anniversary Monkey has its own unique expression and history. The first Monkey saw the light of day in 1951 – and we produce it in the same way today as then. Every single figurrine is created by hand. Through the smiling lines and unique shapes, Kay Bojesen brings wood to life for generations to enjoy.

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