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Kähler Signature Vase, Blue 

Inspired by nature, Signature is a vase that surprises with its graphic interpretation of flowers and seed stands and with its perforated ceramic plate placed in the vase’s neck. The large Signature vase measures 20 cm in height and is decorated with wide blue stripes that change colour from the round part of the vase to the top part. And it gives the vase an even more beautiful interplay of colours and adds extra vibrancy and movement, as the stripes not only stop at the top, but continue inside the vase. Not only does this technique look beautiful, but it also adds a whole new dimension to the design when the shape is accentuated from the inside as well as the outside. The vase was created by the design duo Meyer-Lavigne and made from stoneware – and as per Kähler’s craftsmanship tradition, the vase is of course hand-painted. The deliberately exaggerated shape gives the vase a casual vibe and spreads life in the home, while the Signature vase itself has a truly unique and vibrant look with a certain authenticity to it.

H: 7.9"

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